A Great Bag Called Marwari by Hermes

  1. cewek thank you for answering :flowers:

    thank you dear. Yes it's Camper :smile:
  2. thank you! now to hunt one down....
  3. I love the way a Marwari GM looks like but I don't carry big bag. Thinking to get a Marwari PM size in leather but worry it is more structured and won't be slouchy at all.
    Can the marwari PM own show me your modeling pics and what do you think about your bag?
  4. I already posted some mod pics on page 14. yes it's not slouchy like the GM size. but that's not a problem for me though. hope the mod pics help you decide :smile:
  5. I took my Rubis Marwari out for a trip to Washington DC in spring. Didn't get down to posting pics until now. :smile:
  6. Sorry pressed the sent button accidently before attaching the pics :-P
  7. Miss Rubis admiring the Jefferson memorial:


    Basking under the glow of the cherry blossoms:


    Spending some quality time with the Washington Memorial:






    Thank you for letting me share! :smile:
  8. Can't believe I almost missed this thread. How pretty! I am a newbie when it comes to Marwari but your pix surely have made me love it even more. Thx for sharing my dear!
  9. Absolutely gorgeous, the bag looks great on you. Thanks very much to share!!

    Is your rubis a GM? Love rubis.

    Do you find the bag heavy when worn?
  10. Love the Marwari! And love the shots of my hometown! Congrats. :yes:
  11. Thank you Hermesdaisuki! I'm glad that you enjoyed the pics. :smile: Marwari is really a great bag to use.
  12. Thank you Kobe939! My rubis is a PM. It holds a lot but still drap nicelly as you can see in the pic. its not stiff at all. Definitely not heavy at all. I was carrying it sightseeing all day long & felt just fine. :biggrin:
  13. Thank you Cosmopolitan! :smile:
  14. Your photo truly change my opinion on the design. Now I think it's beautiful! :smile:

    Thank you!

  15. Thank you Vink! Very happy that I can share my love of the Marwari here. :yahoo: