A Grand Reveal- Lime taking a ride

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  1. Well, some of you read my post about getting a lime dylan tote. Carmelita wanted to see some pics...so I finally took one. My lime dylan went with me to pick up something very exiting! Let me introduce my new 328i BMW and my gorgy lime dylan! The new car smell is almost as good as Linea Pelle leather. Aaaahhh, I am in love with both. :cloud9:



  2. Now I know why we haven't heard from you in a few days...you haven't been able to leave that car! Congrats...both are beautiful! :love:
  3. Oh you got the lime tote! That was in the same sample sale I got my 'camel' (really clay color) Dylan tote. I always regretted not getting the lime too. Congrats!

    I still have the pic from that sale -


    ps - the car is nice too! lol
  4. Love them both! Enjoy them in style!
  5. Now that's the way to accessorize your bag!!! What a gorgeous and fun car, congratulations! Thanks for posting a pic of your lime bag. I love this shade - its super wearable. I'll have to watch out for this one. When does LP have sample sales? Are they online?
  6. Love the lime and the ride! Congrats on both, they're both great. :tup:
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    cathead87- I know I have been a little MIA, usually I am more of a lurker but in the LP forum I have been feeling the need to comment more. I have spent so much time negotiating the terms and specs on this car, as a single girl, its hard not to get taken advantage off. The higher the car payment goes, the less LPs, and I can't stand that LOL

    kristinmcd-I will enjoy them both in style. I feel super glam when I am driving it, with my fav LP bag and cuff and a sugar free Red Bull

    LindaP-Thanks for posting a stock pick of the lime. My pic does not show off the lime coloring very well. There is a camel listed on ebay right now, I am tempted to bid on that one too. Usually I don't like having the same style bag in multiple colors but maybe I will may an exception. The lime is such a fun color. I started loving it after seeing a lime green Balenciaga, but I couldn't afford or justify paying that much for a bag I wouldn't be able to use often.

    Carmelita- That is totally why I got the car, just to make my LP look good, LOL. Anyway, I do think that it makes them look super hot. I haven't seen LP produce the lime color in a while. I know they made a lime bowler and large folderover when they made the lime dylan but I think that is it for the color. I know they made it during their Earth day sample sale. They do have a few sample sales online and will notify you of any upcoming ones. Check ebay and bonanza if a lime pops up and you should get it!! I have so much fun wearing it, I wear a lot of neutrals, so it totally goes with everything.

    Thanks for the sweet comment. I am really enjoying both of my babies right now. :smile:
  8. I love that tote bag! ..and of course the car:graucho: I cant believe I have not looked into this brand before.. the leather looks SO nice