A Grail Scarf and Another One Arrived

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  1. I have a terrible flu so I have been staying home every day this week. I woke up when my postman was behind my door but I was too tired to get up. When I finally got up I found a message saying I have a package waiting for me in the post office. I was so excited that I decided to walk there right away despite the flu. It took me forever to get there because I was walking so slowly but it was worth it! I couldn´t even wait until I was home so I opened the package while walking.

    So now thanks to lovely, lovely member :heart: I have one of my grails Champs de Course pochette in orange/rouge cerise. I really love it! The contrast hem is so pretty.

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  2. I just love the contrast hem! Congrats!!
  3. How pretty! I love this design. Enjoy!
  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! It's my grail scarf as well and I do hope to find it (preferably in black, but I love the orange as well!)
  5. Last week I got another lovely scarf, Chasse en Inde, from a friend. I wasn´t sure about the colourway because for some reason I´m convinced that blue doesn´t suit me. I was wrong! I love the colours and the size is perfect. I can´t make the regular scarves to stay in my head but with the cotton one I don´t have that problem.

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  6. I wanted to take some modelling pics because I´m so happy with my new scarves. However I look awful at the moment so these ones are all I can post.

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  7. The colours on the Chasse en Inde is beautiful!! Congrats on your new scarves. Hope you feel better soon.

  8. Just last week we had a snowstorm but now it´s already +15 celsius so I don´t have to wait long to get a chance to wear my new scarves. :yahoo:
  9. What beauties!!
  10. Congrats, Eulalia, they are beautiful. Seems like spring and a weather suitable for wearing scarves is here, finally.
  11. So pretty! The Chasse en Inde looks lovely on you. (BTW, I think we have the same glasses...Robert Marc, yes?)
  12. Eulania, congrats and I hope you fell much better now! This is THE headscarf I must say :tup: I love it!
  13. These are lovely, and you look great, Eulalia! Hope you feel better soon.
  14. Thank you all!

    Polaremil We had maybe the strangest winter ever. It´s so hard to know what to wear!

    Kashmira I´m sure you will find one. Good luck!

    Pseub Actually my glasses are Chanel. Hard to see from that picture though.
  15. Eulalia, congratulations on your beauties! And thanks for the modeling shot on the cotton scarf, great suggestion as to how to wear them!