A grab-and-go maybe non-H bag...


For grab-and-go...

  1. BV

  2. LV

  3. Balenciaga

  4. Hermes

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  1. So thinking about grab-and-go...something slightly under the radar (well, H radar)... something non-precious that could take a quick trip to the office...restaurant...out for Happy Hour...maybe even to the salon... This bag does not have to be a shoulder bag...would prefer something somewhat "classic" as opposed to seasonal... Your thoughts???

    BV something?
    LV speedy
    Balenciaga city
    Hermes Web II
    Hermes Lindy (but this one does not look so good on me...)

    Other favorites?

    Want something a bit more interesting than the leather GP that I use for office errands... Have tried Evelyne and Massai...they are not quite right for me...hmmm...
  2. All I can SCL is GOOD LUCK!

    I have been searching for a great grab and go bag for at least a year.
  3. chanel
  4. Trim II? There is a red H escapade bag on eBay right now that would be perfect. It has a zipper and is a shoulder bag and very nice lines.
  5. PICOTIN!!!

  6. Call me antedeluvian but - black nylon Prada.
  7. For grab and go, don't care if this gets wrecked by chemicals at the salon, but is still streamlined to not make a statement of "look at me" - I like Longchamp. The bags are made well and seem to hold up nicely even when splashed at the salon with horrid stuff. That, or a subtle basic Prada.
  8. I like the idea of the Longchamp very much! I think that the Prada bags have been too knocked off and are a little too available at discount websites. They have managed to water down their own appeal IMO.

    SCL, you could go to the site and get a personalized Longchamp!
  9. Picotin? A large smooshy clemence one? Maybe two tone. .... ebene with vert anis lining....:heart:
  10. Two for Picotin. You can't go wrong. Good luck.
  11. LOL--I think this is the only thing that keeps me interested in handbags---the quest for the perfect grab and go bag. It's too bad the Lindy doesn't work as I think a 30cm Lindy would be perfect; I love my 34cm but sometimes it's too much bag for those grab and go situations. I've tried to use other brands for my grab and go but it's just not the same as H--I always miss having my H with me.

    Hmmm...something classic...how about a Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap in black or brown w/silver hardware--big enough to hold everything yet streamlined and not bulky and the chain is adjustable and long enough to sling it; it is also a little more classic and not as trendy. Although it sounds from your choices that you want something not too structured?
  12. LOL...I have a Longchamp and I dislike it...

    Prada nylon is not enough of a bag...KWIM???

    Chanel is too seasonal...the styles I tend to like anyway...

    Oh...and I have tried the Trim...I am too basic...the trim is just not very exciting on me...

    Did I mention I am quite difficult??? Soooooooooo sorry!!!!

    Thank you for all of your suggestions!!! Still looking...
  13. I do wish the Lindy worked for me...the profile is too wide for me...if that makes any sense...

    I have tried the Chanel Jumbo Flap...it is a classic...but like the trim...it just does not quite work for me...

    LOL...I so appreciate everyone trying to help...

    I may be a lost cause...
  14. goyard maybe?
  15. SCL--how about a 30cm Birkin in a hardy leather like Togo or Fjord?