A Gorgeous Tote at a Gorgeous Price!

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  1. This is my new(ish) green bag from Dent's UK. I know I keep singing the praises of this British firm but I just can't resist! Th quality is superb and the prices are (at the moment) unbelieveable! I ordered this bag online, and paid just over £120. But you can imagine my dismay when it saw it reduced to half-price in the January sales!

    The leather is wonderful and it's very roomy. The fastenings are magnetic and I can throw it over my shoulder so long as I'm not wearing anything too bulky. Because it's quite structured my stuff stays in the same place and it's not 'black hole' deep. The lining is green.

    I'm actually a bit of a Balenciaga addict since buying a couple of Cities and a Twiggy. But this bag really fits the bill when I'm out shopping and want to dump purchases, magazines, etc inside.

    Please excuse the crappy mobile phone pics. My husband's digicam is unavailable to me right now. That's why I didn't post earlier!

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  2. Looks like a gorgeous bag Heather, Congrats!!!
  3. Thanks, tatertot. I forgot to add, Dent's customer services are great and their website is at www.dents.co.uk I'm not sure if their sale is still running though.
  4. ^^ Thanks for the info, I will be sure to check them out:yes:
  5. Really great-looking bag, heather....
  6. Thanks very much, Compass Rose. It's great to find reasonably priced, suberb authentic bags! I suspect Dent's just haven't got their marketing right, otherwise they would be much further up the tree reputation-wise. When this bag arrived, the Dent's tag dangling from the handle featured an elegant woman from circa 1920, swathed in furs! I think maybe it's time they took a more 21st century approach. Mind you the firm was established in 1777! For years they were famous for glove-making to the aristocracy. So the stitching is always impeccable.
  7. Hi! I'm interested in puchasing this bag and a couple of other designs from the website, but as i'm not familiar with the brand, thus abit concerned about the leather durability and design.

    Had been to the website, but it only has 1 image of each bag design.

    Can trouble you to post more pics of your bag? the side view and perhaps an image of the inside?

    What are the compartments inside the bag, what's the material for the lining and do you think the quality of the leather and hardware are high-end quality and durable?

    Thanks a lot!!!
  8. what a nice bag! Now did you get 50% discount?
  9. Hi :smile: I don't have any more pics right now as my husband is abroad on a business trip with the digicam. But I can give you a bit more info. The bag is approx 15 x 11. I tend to hand-carry it but it can slip over the shoulder in the absence of bulky coats, jackets etc. The lining is plain green cotton and beautifully-finished. There's a mobile phone pocket inside, and next to that is a roomier pocket. Opposite those is another large pocket, with a brass oval Dent's plaque. On the front of the bag is ANOTHER large pocket with magnetic closure. On top of that is a discreet little 'see-through' pocket. It's covered by a leather flap and press-stud, and could be used for a family or ID photo. This bag is fairly structured and not 'puddly'. The leather has a shine and lovely, rich appearance. I love the way the bag keeps its shape and holds all your stuff together in one place, so that you can see it.

    Re durability, quality....I'd say this bag would last for years. Dent's is famous in the UK and is very established (since 1777). Stitching is impeccable, as Dent's used to make gloves, and still do. So I wouldn't foresee quality probs. Now and again I've found the site not working properly. So I contacted the CSO for more info. Her name was Norma and she provided excellent service.

    Oh, I didn't get a discount! I paid about £125 for the bag, but a couple of months later it was reduced to nearly half-price.

    All bags come with dustbags. Mine is burgundy with yellow writing. The bag is from their Portraits collection.

    Hope this helps. I didn't take more mobile phone pics, as quality of those can be crappy. GOOD LUCK!
  10. Looks nice, congrats!
  11. You liked it alot and bought it and that's good! You could of waited and missed it. I bought a Fulra bag today for half price and I know I will like it, since Sak's probaly doesn't have anything I wouldn't like! The color is blush, which is really nice. I find with a good purse, I keep it forever, so I get my money's worth.
  12. That's a great looking bag!
    I'm on the website now, and the prices aren't too shaby after conversion to USD. The quality looks really good too.
  13. I ordered something. Having a bit of buyer's remorse now but I think I'll love it when it arrives. (It was on sale.)
  14. I love that bag.
  15. thanks for the great review and the details! I am loving this bag! Can you tell me how heavy it is? When you're out shopping does it tend to weigh you down?

    thanks again!