A gorgeous Gucci I never thought I'd own!

  1. I went nuts yesterday trying to find a bag fix - I am truly an addict - I tried a few that didn't work this week and got more and more desperate - but I think I struck gold with this Pelham!!!!!!!!!What do you all think?
    Gucci resized.jpg Gucci resized 4.jpg Gucci resized 7.jpg Gucci resized1.jpg
  2. Wow!! That is a gorgeous pelham. Love that white guccissima. Congrats and enjoy it.
  3. Beautiful bag, I love white bags and this one is gorgeous with the braided handle and hardwear.enjoy
  4. very cute! congrats!
  5. more pix for Pelham lovers!!!! Sorry I forgot to set upright -
    Extra 1.jpg lining.jpg Extra 2.jpg
  6. very nice, congrats
  7. Thank you for saying that - a really great subtle white was missing from my collection.
  8. Love it!
  9. Gorgeous gorgeous! I love it! Hmmm so what are we going to do about the cell phone pockets?
  10. I totally agree with sjunky. I absolutely love cream / white bags.. I love the braided handles and it has just the right amount of hardware! Congratulations! You're gonna love it!

  11. Love it!! Congrats on ur new beautiful bag!
  12. gorgeous!!!!!!!!
  13. Ok, this is going on my must have list. It's lovely...
  14. i love it, congrats!!
  15. congratsssssss!