A Gorgeous Griege City From A Lovely Seller!

  1. Wowza! I LOVE this colour...could this bag be destined to be my first Balenciaga? Aussie seller too :yahoo:.

    My fingers are itchin'!
  2. I have this bag and it is truly WONDERFUL! I love the color, it seems to go with my entire wardrobe.

    Good luck........:cutesy:
  3. *gulp*
  4. LOL! You're funny. Hee. Well this bag is gorgeous! The leather is sooooooo smoooooooshy, matt and buttery soft. Thanks for posting Deana! :love:
  5. OMG, what are you waiting for girl?!?! :nuts:...i've got the griege mini-bowler & it's the best leather of '06 ;)
  6. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  7. :drinks:

    This calls for a celebration! :graucho:
  8. Heee. Tina you're such a doll! You're going to adore the greige city to bits! *Hugs* I'm glad it's going to a lovely owner. :yahoo:
  9. yippeeeeeeeeeee, congrats girls :party:
  10. Thanks Bama! :yahoo: That's one down and 2 more to go! Who:huh:Ooopie! :lol: