a GOOD website that ship merchandises to CANADA??

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  1. Hi, gucci lovers:smile:
    I'm trying to get a wallet for my boyfriend for his birthday, but there is no Gucci shop near by. So i was gonna order one on the Gucci official website, but shipping is only available to the States. Does anyone know a good, reliable website that sells authentic gucci, and also ship to canada? I love eluxury, but they dont carry gucci.!! :cursing:
    Can anyone tell me,, pleaseT_T
    I appreciate any help in advance:p
  2. Have you tried calling a Gucci boutique in Canada to see if they will ship to your city? Maybe they will charge your credit card over the phone and do it that way. There is a Gucci boutique in Vancouver, BC. Try my SA, Maya, at 604-488-0320. There is also a Gucci in Toronto 416-963-5127.

    Good luck!