A Good Tailor is Hard to Find?

Hi ladies and gents, I wonder if you could speak to your experience with tailors. I just got a lovely spring Burberry coat off of eBay, but it needs a few nips and tucks to fit me just right. The sleeves are a little long and wide and the top of the coat is a little big. The logical solution would be to take the coat to a tailor, but I'm really scared of the results. I've only had one tailoring experience in this town...I took a brand new BCBG dress to a seamstress to have her readjust the bodice a bit so it fit better, and she completely ruined it (I won't get into the details, but she put in a few darts that were really crooked, I looked silly in it. I could have put in better looking darts myself at home with a stapler :cursing: , I'm still fuming). I mean, beyond repair, I've taken it other places to see what can be done. And she refused to refund the $250 the dress cost, she insisted that she'd done what I asked. The worst part was that she'd come highly recommended by my "friends" who worked at a designer boutique...I found out later that she had a string of unhappy customers. Anyway, that was a year or so ago, and I haven't taken anything to a seamstress or tailor since.

So I'm obviously reluctant to take my new coat to a tailor and have another ruined and expensive garment on my hands! What I'd like to know is whether you've found it really difficult to find a good tailor. Should I be a little more trusting than I am, or should I be completely gunshy (as I am now)? I'm so paranoid that I'm thinking about driving the coat up to a professional tailor in Chicago to get it taken in, which will cost a lot more time, money, and energy than to just get it adjusted locally. What do you think? Did I just have one bad experience or is this par for the course?
Yeah, I'm wondering this question myself. After having a few horrible experiences with tailors, I'm thinking, wouldn't it be a great idea if people could review tailors like they review shoes and bags? Really, tailors are really important - they can totally ruin a very expensive piece of clothing, but there's almost no way to know how many unhappy customers a tailor has, even if he/she comes "highly recommended." I'm in need of a few alterations also, but am sooooo reluctant to go to a tailor...and even if I decide to go to one, even a "professional" one like you said, you never know...

I'm being of no help at all, I know...:shrugs: I guess we have no choice but to take that risk, since there is NOWHERE to research quality of tailors!!!
I've also had really bad experiences with tailors and have yet to find one I trust. I've gotten pretty good at doing hems and shortening dress straps myself but if an item of clothing requires anything more than that, I actually won't buy it. So, no I don't think your experience is unusual at all - it IS very difficult to find a good tailor.
yeah, I found a great tailor but I was gunshy at first, so I started out with her (a few years ago) doing small things such as simple hems on jeans and sleeves. Then I had her do a few more complicated jobs. I also had a referral from a friend who showed me some of the work this tailor had done and that really helped my confidence.