A good stain remover recommendation


A Blondie Gal!
Jan 12, 2007
I got a big dark spot on my rose trim messenger a couple weeks ago while shopping :crybaby:(guess I shouldn't go shopping!) And I was upset about it, I used the coach fabric cleaner recommended and the spot has gotten lighter. But a perfectionist like me still wasn't happy :sad:...

Today I decided to use a cleaner at home that was bought to clean delicate fabric :idea:, the cleaner is called Forever New Stain Remover. I rubbed a small dab on the spot for a minute, dabbed it w/ a wet old white t-shirt, and let it air dry. Now the stain is almost gone! Love this product! Last time I used it to spot-clean a cashmere sweater and it worked! :wlae:

Just want to share it w/ my Gucci ladies.