A good site for ecards?

  1. Can anyone please recommend a site for NICE ecards that you don't have to pay for or sign up for?

    THANKS =)
  2. I like Hallmark's website...
  3. I agree. Hallmark is the only one that I've dealt with that you really don't have to sign up for and has decent cards. I think 123greetings and bluemountaincards you have to sign up for but they are free.
  4. Thanks so much =)
  5. bumpity! Since the thread is over a year old, I was hoping there might be more sites!
  6. I use Hallmark esp Hoops and Yoyo they're hilarious
  7. :yes:
  8. Thanks!!!!

    lol i don't think I can use someecards though...

    I'm sending a b-day card to my 7 yr old cousin!
  9. OOH...I'm always struggling to find a GOOD ecard site. Thanks for the info, everyone!!;)
  10. Yes! These are the best, hands down.
  11. Bluemountain.com is pretty good, I've always done ecards from there!
  12. I like bluemountain.com as well, and somecards.com is fantastic...Vlad mentioned it earlier!