A good price on Lily

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  1. Can you please Tel me that £710 is not a good price on a glossy goat Lily with silver hw?
    I am not tempted at all and I do not need another Mulberry just yet (since I already bought to bags this year) 🙄
    So please tell me it is not a good bargain and this Lily might even go to sale some day
  2. Back up there lady. You do not need another lily right?? What are you thinking! Just say no.

    It's not a bargain. Do not purchase.

    How was that? Did I do the trick?!!:giggles:
  3. Not a bargain at all!
    A bargain Lily was when the John Lewis ones went to £375 - £710 is ridic - barely 5% off!
  4. Thanks for your reply and your clear message! Don't buy!

    Just for making it clear, it was in Mulberry shop at the airport. And the list price at webshop is higher

  5. I don't know about John Lewis and how long is was, but I doubt that glossy goat will be £375 - but I could be mistaken.
  6. The days of a lily being that cheap again are sadly gone. I'd keep an says on NPN who regularly have new ones up for sale. There's a couple on there that are new now I believe.