A good pillow?

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  1. Dear All,

    Sorry that this tread has nothing to do with handbags. I have tried so many different kind of pillows but haven't found one that's comfortable yet:sad2: . Recently, a pillow was recommended at my chiro's office (by admin staffs), but when I asked the chiro, he only said it's not bad. The pillow, namely TempurPedic, is not cheap, so I am reluctant to spend money on yet another uncomfortable pillow. Could you give me some suggestion? Have you tried TempurPedic before.

    There is a Chiropractor among us, would love to hear you opinion. Thanks.

  2. Hi...I have off an on neck problems...and I was recommended to get one of those too...they have them at Costco, if you are near one, for about half the price. Personally, I love them (I have two)...it's hard to keep my two kids from taking them to their beds! LOL
  3. Hi, I bought into the tempurpedic fad last year. I spent about $90 on a pillow - and it has warped over the past year and gotten smaller. As far as comfort goes, it is comfortable at first but then after a few hours of pressure on the pillow it compresses to something very thin and significantly less comfortable.

    I wouldn't buy a memory foam pillow again - they're just not worth it. I definitely need to look into other options, but I don't know what else there is. Perhaps this thread will give us some suggestions.
  4. i second the one's at costco. i have one from costco and i LOVE it! it's really comfortable and isn't too hard but doesn't flatten easily.
  5. I got this Tempur-pedic several months ago. It's well, well worth the price. It's not the neck pillow so you can squish it around under your neck and head to fit the height or your head/neck.

    I had a lot of neck and head problems and this one pillow helped so much. Now I want the bed too! :biggrin:
  6. i love mine too.....can't sleep without it....once u have one regular pillow just aren't the same.........i haven't had the problem with shrinking and stuff and i've had mine for years and years now......
  7. I think its DRLISA who is the chiropractor here....
  8. I use a obus forme contured support pillow, it's awesome ! I love it so much that I have one at home, one at school and a small one for travelling. I can't sleep without it !!!

    And here's a picture of it
  9. If your area has linen n things they have a great selection of pillows similar to tempur-pedic. I forgot the name but the one I was going to get had the tempur-pedic affect on one side and the other side is stuffed so when you lay down on the stuff side it hits into the tempur-pedic. It is really nice. There are a variety of other ones too from firm, soft. Online doesn't really have it but the store does.
  10. I think that putting a pillow under your lower back/between your knees (if you sleep on your side) will help your back.

    As for head pillows, I remember Self magazine had a little think featuring 3 pillows. The only one I remember the name of was supposed to help with headaches. Sorry!
  11. I had one to but couldn't sleep on it and my neck got worse. I have now a pillow which is filled with millet and has a velcrofastener. this pillow always takes the form of head and schoulder. One to twice a year you change the millet and that's it. They are available in health-food shops and cost about 35$. The refill is about 5$. Hope your problems will get better!!
  12. I agree, these are great. I've slept in a tempur bed for the past month and I've slept better than ever before.. So comfy, no back pain, no neck pain.. Just sweet dreams and happy sleeping :love:
  13. when i was picking out my new matress i lay on the tempur-pedic matrss and i thought it was extremely hard. maybe it's just me. i ended up getting an EXTREMELY soft simmons with a little layer of memory foam :biggrin:
  14. Is it still the TempurPedic one from Costco? Don't think there is Costco her e in Canada.

    Earth calling Dr. Lisa, roger...:sad:
  15. kanhje, could you post the name of the pillow that's supposed to help with headaches? I get migraines, and that's something I might like to check out.