A good old rant (long story)


Nov 7, 2010
Hello to all my beautiful tPF'ers, this is going to be about counterfeit bags. Today, I was on YouTube as usual , I was watching videos about LV. I don't have anything against people buying counterfeit bags - it's just their attitude towards it. You get comments like ' oh why would you pay more than $1000 on a bag', 'fakes last longer than yours', 'fakes look like the real deal etc' now, I understand if someone is on a budget/ low income & cannot afford to buy LV, but it's the majority that buy just to 'fit in' & most of all, they don't know where those bags come from. I was Reading some article about counterfeit bags. It supports child labour, terrorism, drug problems etc. Young children have their legs broken & forced to produce bags, that is sucha horrendous things to do that to a child. I bought an LV not long again(2weeks ago) because for a art student like me sees time, love & passion put on to such a beautiful bag. It's a work of art. On the other hand, before I bought the LV, i bought bags ranging from £30-70 ( which will wear& tear over time)& my dad told me to save up money & buy a good quality bag - therefore, I bought the LV & planning to buy more due to it's quality. The quality is so good that I see some parents passing their bags onto their generation. Ah , I feel much better now. I thank every tPF'er out their who buy & appreciate the quality & art of every designer hangbags out there. :biggrin:

Amy Bredemus

Purse Hungry!
Oct 15, 2010
San Antonio, TX
I completely agree with you. I understand that at one time or another in people's lives, they cannot afford the real deal. Understood. Counterfeits support terrorist activities and are an infringement on someone else's idea. It is morally and ethically WRONG. I will not condone them and I say if you can't afford the real deal, there are plenty of nice bags that are not counterfeits and are not made forcing children into slave labor. Find one.


Jul 29, 2009
If someone wants an LV and buys a fake - well, they still don't have an LV do they? I was at a CHURCH event today and saw several obviously fake LVs, Coaches, and Fendis - you'd think religious people wouldn't buy fakes!


Jul 16, 2009
Sunny Florida
I think there's a lot of people out there who still don't realize where counterfeit bags come from/who makes them, profits from them, etc. I'm so glad I educated myself early on and have only real bags. I also try to steer people away from fake ones (people I know). I was at the mall today and two women walked by within seconds of each other with fake Speedys. They actually looked pretty good too and it was scary but I knew they were fakes- one had gold metal on the corners and both had no patina and the handles seemed very pleathery looking to me.


Jan 23, 2008
How do u know fakes are made from Child labour and supports terrorism? From YouTube?


Happy Chrissy!
May 11, 2009
Sigh....as much as I detest fake handbags or fake anything, I think counterfeit products will ALWAYS exist. I think imitating a genuine handbag to perfection has become an art form in itself to many counterfeiters...it's like presenting themselves with a challenge to create something that can pass off as real one.


Dec 4, 2008
I wish that people who buy fakes would learn about pre-loved instead. When asked, I've recommended this site and eBay to a number of friends and relatives, but after that, I keep quiet.


LV 4 LV!
Nov 23, 2010
Atlanta, GA
There is nothing wrong with not being able to afford LV or anything else for that matter. However, buying fakes is just plain wrong. As someone else mentioned, it is an infringement of someone else's work. It's just like turning in someone else's paper at school or taking credit for someone else's idea in the workplace. Grossly unethical!

I have also heard that some LV counterfeiters (and counterfeiters of other designer brands) support terrorism and utilize child labor. I'm sure there are plenty of fake LV websites where (I hope) this is not the case. Regardless, manufacturing fakes is wrong -- period.

As for LV, I am confident that no counterfeiters will ever be able to duplicate their quality. I've seen plenty of "mirror image" fakes in person. There is always something that gives them away, be it the quality of the hardware, the quality of the leather trim, the quality of the stitching, etc. After all, LV products are hand-crafted. How could a comparable product ever be made by machine in a mass-production environment?

One thing I will never understand is why someone who can't afford a $2,000 LV handbag would want to carry a replica. Carrying such a handbag, real or fake, does not make you a better (or worse) person. Instead, it is an expression of your taste and style. I only buy handbags that I love and that I can afford. The main reason I enjoy owning them is because I like them. It is always nice to receive a compliment, but I would never own a handbag I didn't like just to seek others' approval. Might the underlying issue for some people be lack of self-esteem?

Just some food for thought. (I'm a Jewish mother -- it's typical for me to offer food!)