A good news ebay story

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  1. There are so many bad ones, I had to post a good one!! :yahoo:

    This was my first ebay purchase for a purse - up to now I only bought small items because I was scared of having a bad experience having read so many horror stories!

    But the purse just arrived and it is more beautiful than I could ever have imagined. The seller disclosed one small dot to me, but she must have tried to remove it, because while it showed up in the pictures, it's barely visible now. She was nice enough to tell me about it first, even though I doubt I would have noticed it anyway. I'm also not one of those super picky people, I was expecting it to be there and was fine with that!

    Her shipping prices were beyond reasonable ($12.00) and I almost feel bad for what I paid for this purse as I mentioned in a previous thread. I got it for the starting bid price, I was the only bidder - which is AMAZING!!!

    Anyway, just wanted to say there are some FANTASTIC sellers out there, and this experience has warmed my heart just a little for ebay - although I'll ALWAYS be careful and have things authenticated here like I did with this purse. But good things can happen on ebay!!
  2. Congratulations on your great eBay experience! I'm glad that it went so well for you! There are (I'm sure) many great eBay experiences but unfortunately we mostly hear about only the bad ones.
    I hope you have many more to come!:smile:
  3. Thanks for sharing. I am very happy for you!!!! Enjoy your bag. What kind of bag was it?
  4. i :heart: your cat crissy. good story!
  5. Glad to hear a nice story for a change..enjoy your bag
  6. It's SO nice to read a good story about Ebay, there are a lot of good and honest seller's out there. It's wise to get everything checked out first, but you can get some great bargains! Congrats on your new handbag, Enjoy!
  7. Wow it is nice to read a good ebay story. I admit that I like ebay but am more cautious than ever since reading all the problems that people have had, myself included. Anyway very refreshing and thanks for posting.
  8. I love happy ebay stories! :smile:
  9. Very good to hear of such a delightful story amidst all the horror stories!
    Congratulations on your purchase - enjoy!!!
  10. Nice of you to tell us about it. Congratulations.
  11. Yes, lovely to hear about a good eBay buying experience, for a change! :biggrin:
  12. Great story! I'm happy to know that you are pleased with your seller as well as your bag.

    There are many wonderful sellers on Ebay just as there are many wonderful buyers there too. The thing is, people tend to post only the negative side of buying and selling. Rarely does anyone talk about good experiences so I'm glad you did.

    There are more positive trades between buyers and sellers on Ebay than bad ones. It's nice to hear some of the good ones.

    Congrats on your new bag!