A good match for your raisin coach bag

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  1. Today at the outlet I picked up a raisin maggie and I noticed that it really matched the color of my nail polish! I am wearing a new OPI color from their "Swiss" collection called "Diva of Geneva" :lol: Here's a pic I borrowed from the web, the real color is just a tad darker but it's a gorgeous color!

    Now there's an idea! I need to buy bags to match my nail color! :graucho:

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  2. pretty color
  3. Oh know!!!!!

    Coach might take your suggestion and come up with a coordinating line of nail polish to sell with their bags.
  4. That would be cool if Coach collaborated with OPI :smile:
  5. Oh thats my favorite color from the new collection - I have that on my toes and this really dark teal (cant remember the name) on my fingers but actually its pretty close to my teal Brynne! PickyCoachLover had an awesome metallic color that matched her new purse just recently if I remember correctly. I think its a fun thing to do