A good laugh out loud, life's pretty good moment

  1. My middle son and his best friend (both 13) are outside playing in the front yard. The have rummaged through the costume box and "Harry Pooper" and "Moldy Warts" (valdemort)....the are putting on little mini skits as people walk by on the evening strolls....lol.

    My husband and are cracking up watching them....probably a bit youngish behavior for 13, but we both said, better young than trying to act older...kwim?

  2. Word!
    So much word!

    Mother of three teenagers
  3. That's sweet!!
  4. LMAO so funny!!
  5. LOL that is so cute!!!
  6. That's great... I see way too teens squander their youth trying "adult" activities.... it's nice to hear that some are still enjoying being kids.

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

  7. Oh, what a *great visual! I hope you took pictures. No, not for tPF. I have had a son that age, and he still wouldn't be speaking to me if I had done that. Yours no doubt wouldn't either.

    Thanks for the report. :smile:
  8. That's a sweet story Mary...Better they don't grow up too fast!
  9. I love it! Sound like perfectly normal 13 year old behaviour to me!
  10. cute story
  11. OMG! Those smilies are perfect!

    Thanks everyone for sharing my laugh with me!
  12. HAHA I have to agree that it sounds like pretty normal behaviour, and also agree that its better then trying to act older!
  13. that sounds great!! let their engage their creativity and childhood =)

    anything as long as it's not drugs etc... =)
  14. bhnahahahahhaha
  15. You should've recorded it to put on youtube haha