A Good Hermes Day

  1. I had a pretty good Hermes day today. No, I didn't buy anything but something unusual did happen today.

    I received phone calls from THREE DIFFERENT Hermes boutiques today: East Coast, Midwest, and the South.

    One of them called me because she said she just realized that I called last week and wanted to make sure that someone actually got back to me. Now THAT is what I called good follow-up.:yes:

    The other store called me to tell me that they got in a fuchsia ostrich retourne Kelly 32cm. She said she remembered that I wanted a fuchsia ostrich Bolide 31cm but figured that it wouldn't hurt to call me about the retourne either. I had to turn it down since it was retourne. Still, it's nice of her to call.:flowers:

    The third store called because they got in a Rouge VIF Ostrich Bolide 31cm and the SA said she knew I wanted a fuchsia ostrich but she figured she'd give this one a shot anyway.

    I called up my local store and finally got a hold of my SA. She said they changed to a new computer system so the addresses got lost and lots of people didn't get invites:shrugs:. She said she'd send mine out today.:yes: She said still no answer on whether I can place an order yet ... :sweatdrop:

    NEways, it's a good Hermes day because THREE different stores called me (none of which is my regular store). For once, I was not forgotten:yahoo:

    Now, if only I can have a good job hunt day too ...
  2. look at your good vibes working!!!!
  3. i know, i was so shocked! I mean, THREE calls fro three different stores. What are the odds of that!
  4. Yay! :yahoo: So glad to hear it Kou!
  5. Wow!!! That IS a good Hermes day! You are on their minds!!!:yahoo:
  6. fabooo, kou!

    but this part sounds like BS to me. (ditch her.)
    ..// \\ .....

  7. Wow what a great day!! I spoke with my one SA today and that made ME feel good lol! I can imagine three calling!
  8. Yay, Kou!!!:yahoo: You're finally getting the treatment you deserve from H. Forget your regular SA. She's full of it!
  9. Hey - congrats!! Sounds like a great day! :yes:
  10. Glad to hear that there are other stores who are giving you better service than your regular store. Do you mind telling me which store is the one that has the Rouge Vif 31cm ostrich Bolide ? TIA:yes:
  11. Good for you , Kou! Things are beginning to turn around for you. :flowers:
  12. Wow! That's what I call service...
  13. Excellent, Kou!!
  14. Wow Kou..... things are changing.....
  15. I am glad you are feeling better Kou. Call backs are very reassuring.