A good hair stylist for Asian hair in Toronto?

  1. Hi ladies in Toronto,

    I haven't had my hair touched for almost a year now. The last time was when I was on holiday in Hong Kong, I had a nice wavy perm and a little highlight done. It was such a good cut that it was still in good shape for more than 8 months. Now, it kind of lost its shape and wave. I figured that since there are more chinese in Toronto, there should be more Chinese hair stylists to accomodate them. As I will be in town this weekend, I wonder if you could recommend a good/your favorite hair stylish (preferably Asian) who is experienced in cutting Chinese hair:search:? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Hi KK, whereabouts in TO? I live in richmond hill and just recently found a new place to do my hair. I go to Hair Culture in Times Square, i just got my hair cut, colored, and straightened. Love it.
  3. Thanks simplicity. I googled it, is it the one at 550 Hwy 7 East, Richmond Hill - (905) 771-8990?? There are 3 Hair culture in Toronto. Please confirm and I will see if I can make an appointment on Sunday.

  4. No problem KK, sorry for the late reply. Yup, it's that one.
  5. Hey KK,

    if u haven't already booked your appointment, i would suggest you ask for Ken.. he's really good and Charmaine as his assistant
  6. Thanks BBpeachi. Unfortunately I was only there for the weekend, and don't know when I will be back to TO:sad:. But I will definitely make an appointment with Ken next time in town.