A good eyeshadow for lower lash line?

  1. I want an eyeshadow for my lower lashline, one that makes my eyes seem bigger...so maybe a goldish, champagne, silvery one? I know white does the trick, but I have a darker skintone (NC45)

  2. it's not an eyeshadow but try MAC fluidline in "silverstroke"
    you can smudge it if you don't want such a prominent line but i find that gel liners are brighter and they last longer without smudging
  3. MAC pigments with a little water work great for underneath the lower lashline.
  4. There's a Stila liner made specifically for this. It's called Kajal Eye Liner in Topaz. It's a nude color you use to line the waterline to make eyes appear bigger. It looks more natural than white, but creates the same effect :tup:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. I'm tanned, so white/silver look awful on me! I use either a golden hue or light pink with lots of sparkles. I just use regular MAC eyeshadow!
  6. Laura mercier mineral eyeshadow with her smudge brush. These two are my latest finds and I love them!