A good experience to share when Boutique authenticate your Real thing Wrong!

  1. Here is a funny story happened to my local 2nd brand store. I have purchased many things from them, they are really trustful and stay in the community for more than 10 years.

    They told me a funny story few years ago, today I saw poor voodoodoll2005 :crybaby:and want to share with everyone.

    They sold one Dior, very luxury style to one of their very value customer(which means she bought a lot from them, and only collecting the old fashion purse). and the customer was happy because she never seen any thing like that, she brought it to Vegas, and shown to the sales, okay, sales told her, No, the purse was fake. She don't believe it, ask the sales wrote in black and white, and that was almost 5 years ago. sales did, wrote a letter in black and white, said the purse was fake. The customer back to the 2nd brand store, show the letter, notify all the brand store said this 2nd brand store selling fakes.

    And then, the 2nd brand store made a copy of that letter, black in white, has the sale's name and store location on. bring the purse to Beverly appraisal center(which is the most powerful authenticity check place), and the result came out, yes, that's authentic, made in 1982 by dior. The original receipt also been found.

    So, guess what happened? Dior got in trouble. Dior called that 2nd brand store several times, and wrote the e-mail to apologized, and have to pay kind of money and need to write a very formal letter to all brand stores stated that they were wrongful authenticate the purse. The purse was authentic, Blablabla, How shame!

    I guessed after that, all store learned, you can tell the customer if it is, but never write, that will be the evidence, they even can get the lawsuit by doing this.

    As let trade can do, is the same thing, they provided the letters with black and white stated it is fake, do appraisal, then, they are getting trouble!:wlae:
  2. lolz. that is a funny story. Plus the dior store put the customer through hell saying the purse is fake. I would feel bad if someone saying my real purse is a fake. That's what they deserve. and yes be careful with what you write or say.
  3. I'll go ahead and move this to it's right place since this deals with Dior rather than LV. ;)