A good exersice video?

  1. Anyone have any good reccomendations? I'm trying to lose 10 pounds before April and I'm eating better and at the gym 3 times a week but nothing is happening. My arse is still as big as ever. I wanna put more work into my routine at home so do you know of any good videos that might help me? I'd prefer ones that don't require accessories like exercise balls and stuff. Thanks!
  2. have you ever tried classes at the gym? they kick my butt!
  3. I have been done yoga booty ballet, it was rough for me at first! (I wasn't terribly active before starting though).

    My #1 favorite videos are the FIRM ones though. (they require weights) I've lost 30 lbs since I've started those. (still have a ways to go though)
  4. I really like Windsor Pilates and Tae Bo. I also have a belly dancing one that's a KILLER ab work out, but it's fun!!! The Firm is very effective, but it really feels like exercise-- I don't really enjoy it. KWIM? If I want to do a tape that feels like a real workout, I like Denise Austin better than the Firm ladies...
  5. I've always enjoyed step aerobics and I think that Cathy Fredericks (sp?) has some of the best tapes out there.
  6. Slim in 6 weeks. If you do it 5-6 times a week, you will *actually* see results in 6 weeks. It wasn't too difficult to do, and if you listen to your own music it passes by pretty quickly and is kind of fun.
  7. I downloaded shapely secrets from Ares. It was the advanced version and is 7 minutes long. I thought it was really silly looking, but I was so sore the next day and it really looks like it's tightening everything up.
  8. I also agree that classes at the gym are great. But if you're looking for something at home, I LOVE Billy Blank's TaeBo videos... the music is awesime and he gets you pumped up! Good luck! :flowers:

  9. I like stuff from Crunch gym like Cardio Sculpt but my fave is probably the Kickbox Bootcamp from the 10-minute series. I also like Yoga Booty Ballet. But I also agree about taking a class at the gym - the presence of the instructor and other people guarantees that you will work hard!
  10. I really like Carmen Electra's aerobic striptease boxset.
  11. Yes me too! The exersices are also fun to do.
  12. I think I'm going to give Tae Bo a try. IT looks like fun! thanks for the tips girls!
  13. I had to bump this. My husband and I just got done doing the biggest loser workout. It was 23 minutes of craziness. Bob is relentless! Both of our booties are burning and we are so motivated to go buy these dvds and get to work! I can't wait to see what Jillian has in store!!!
  14. I like Crunch dvds and 10 Minute Solution.
  15. Check out "On Demand"....they have a lot of free workout shows....