A good everyday necklace?

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  1. I am looking at getting a good, everyday necklace that is both timeless and at the same time kind of hip. My go to necklace for a long time has been a strand of pearls, but these look a little prim with a more modern looking outfit. I am leaning towards longer necklaces, and towards yellow gold ( simply, because a lot of my handbags, shoes etc have gold hardware), I tend to have a more classic style, but also want something that is young ( since I am 28). I was thinking the Tiffany keys, but am open to any other suggestions...
  2. If you love pearls, try a baroque strand. I often wear a long strand of pearls and tie a knot in the middle to make them look more casual.
  3. What is your price range aprox? There are many nice pendants and necklaces all over the net. I personally like the Tiffany keys, I like the daisy with 1 diamond and long chain, very pretty.

    One of the many necklaces I like at the moment is this http://www.maxandchloe.com/fulldetails/9667/112,123 at Max & Chloe.
  4. I love pearls too, but like you, find them a little too dressy for everyday. (Unless, of course it is a "Jeans/Cashmere Sweater/Pearls kind of day") I found a long (38") white gold/yellow gold circle necklace, just in a local store, that I love to wear for "everyday", since I like to mix up W&Y gold. Works for me. I find it versatile since you can wrap it around twice or just wear it long. Perhaps something like this would work for you?

    Here's a quick pic.


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  5. What about Van Cleef's 20 motif Alhambra necklace?
  6. Also, what is your budget?
  7. I personally don't think the Tiffany Keys are good for everday - they're a bit bulky. What about a Syndey Evan disc?
  8. I think a small Van Cleef & Arpels pendant necklace is classic & would be nice for everyday.
    I think the Tiffany Keys are more of a trendy necklace.
  9. What about a nice, simple gold chain? Like a thin chain?