a good everyday chanel bag...

  1. what is your opinion of a good everyday chanel bag?
  2. I've got a Grand Shopping Tote, which I think is a great everyday bag. I also think a Jumbo Classic Flap would be nice too.
  3. what are your needs?
    Big, medium or small bag?
    Shoulder or arm/handbag?

    Are you pretty easy on them or do you need a really durable one?
  4. I thinkthe shopping totes will be great. The flaps are awesome, but totes are easier to access and could more easily be placed on the floor or on a counter.
  5. medium size shoulder/handheld bag. I need something durable and practical. Something roomy and not too heavy. I was thinking about the reporter bag but the straps really worries me. Has anyone had a problem with the straps breaking off?
  6. No, the straps should not be breaking off! The Reporter is a good choice, or anything in caviar as it's more durable even than the calfskin.
  7. I would say either the Grande shopping tote in caviar or the large cambon bucket tote. THe reporter is definitely not heavy and the straps are durable. I have one and I think it is great but I use the GST EVERYDAY.:wlae:
  8. can someone post a pix of a GST?
  9. here's 2, but check out our Reference Library, it's FULL of photos as well as sizes, colors, prices, etc. . . .
    DSCF1323.jpg DSCF1332.jpg
  10. ^^I love the cambon bags (either reporter or large tote for an everyday bag). I also love the square vintage ligne tote but it is more of a fall winter bag vs year round.
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