A Good Ebay story

  1. You always hear the bad ones so I wanted to post a good one. I had been trying to sell a bag for a while and I kept getting requests to alter the customs declarations and I don't like to do that. So the bag wasn't even listed and I got an email asking if I was going to relist. I did and we agreed she would pay me in full by March 1. I can tell it won't take that long as she has already paid half. She is really nice and a pleasure to do business with. Sometimes, you just have to be patient to get a good buyer.
  2. YEA!!! A happy eBay story! Congrats!!!:yahoo:
  3. Sweet. I love hearing happy stories.
  4. Wow- you definitely got a good buyer! Nice to hear the good side of eBay too!
  5. This is so refreshing, I appreciate your telling this story, I've been so frustrated by eBay lately!
  6. WOw you're a great seller!
  7. yeah.. its the FEW bad ones that create bad ebay expereince for rest of us..:tdown:
  8. Thank you for sharing..
    It is always good to hear a change now and then...
  9. Oh wow, that's a change of scene! Good to know that there's still some good ones out there.
  10. I've wanted to resond to your thread all day, but you can guess what topic has my attention:smile:.There are still nice people out there,I dealt with 2 last week.
    I am happy for you that things turned out fine for you:tup:.
    hey lets start a good ebay story thread?:p
  11. good for u!
  12. Great! I love good eBay stories. :smile:
  13. Glad to hear of a good story for a change. Ebay can be a scary place, I didn't realize how much so til I started doing research. Thanks for a positive twist!
  14. I have another GOOD ebay story. Recently listed 8 items, sold 5. ALL of the buyers paid immediately and so far have not caused any problems. I shipped everything out today, so hopefully all will end well! This was only my third real time selling on ebay in years, so it feels good to know there are some decent buyers out there.
  15. Yay! I always want to post my good stories but they're SO BORING, like "And I got another authentic bag, yay for me!" Mine need more action to deserve their own thread. Like maybe the involvement of ninjas and pirates, of which there is a dearth on eBay...