A good Chanel day! and a few others...

  1. Just returned from Beverly Hills where
    1. I exchanged a black metallic 227 for a 228. For some reason I wasn't loving the 227. My ever-vigilant SA got her hands on a 228 and I AM in LOVE! :drool: To me the bigger size with bigger hardware shows off the leather.

    2. I ordered the gris fonce jumbo. Hopefully it will arrive next week.

    3. I went to Chanel boutique to return the white GST with gold h/w because I was annoyed that I was charged $1,895 and the tag said $1,750. (don't care that the price IS $1,895. It's insulting!)

    The manager, Matthew, was so sweet! He immediately said 'Why don't I return some money to you instead of you returning the bag?" He refunded the $145 and honored the $1,750.

    I was stopped on the street (yes!!) by people complimenting my candy apple red patent leather Chanel (an eBay buy). Talk about a head turner!

    If this wasn't enough, NM also finally had a O/S YSL muse in patent leather after months and months! I exchanged a medium. :yahoo:

    So here's a pic of the 3 Chanel bags!
    Chanel collection 053.jpg Chanel collection 051.jpg
  2. very pretty! congrats!
  3. What a nice day.Love your bags, especially the red.
  4. Wish I was having that kind of a day, instead of doing laundry and mopping floors! Beautiful bags, and great s/a to refund you the GST price difference.
  5. Lovely! Congrats!
  6. Wow, good Chanel news certainly does come in threes! Enjoy.
  7. so glad you kept your white gst! its so hot!
    it was so good of your manager.
    good chanel day indeed!
  8. Absolutely beautiful! And congrats on the refund!!
  9. Love your new additions! :heart: The metallic black reissue is especially beautiful (I have it in the 226 size myself), and that red patent beauty is so striking!! :tup: Congrats on everything!!:yahoo:
  10. Wow, great buys! Congrats!
  11. Don't you love good Chanel days. Glad things worked out for you!
  12. Good service by the manager. That's the way it should be. Beautiful bags, and the red is stunning!
  13. HI Regina !so happy for you getting what you liked more and pretty smart of the manager to refund you the extra cost!Love your stunning red too!May I ask how much is the 228 blk met please?I like the 228 more than the 227 which I found kind of extra long in proportion to its width!TIA!:yes:
  14. I can see why people stopped you on the street, that red bag is hot, and congrats on all the great stuff.
  15. I love the white GST. I am so glad the manager of the Chanel boutique was so accomodating.