A Good buy!

  1. i thought you were leaving! haha
  2. lol...I thought you were leaving as well! (glad you are not by the way)

    WHAT A STEAL!!! Pink lady is usually pricey. Great buy!
  3. R u pinklady??
  4. It is so nice i love it.
  5. Do you mean good buy as in good price??
  6. yes, are you?
  7. Ha ha..
  8. Pretty- I love that toledo blue color!
  9. She always starts her auctions at 79.99, and they always go high - she has a good following.
  10. Love the color!
  11. seriously, how come no one will answer the question?:weird:
  12. She may have started it cheap at $79 but it does have a reserve as well.
  13. OMG, I didn't even notice that I misspelled buy to bye, I posted it so fast that I made a stupid mistake:shame: , I hate it:shame: , I normally check my messages after posting so I can still edit it. Sorry ladies.:shame: I really look like a maroon...

    :roflmfao: I am not pinklady and have never bought from her. I just have the exact bag and love it a lot, when I come across this bargain, I just wanted to share. Sorry for the confusion. As someone said above, it might go up. I am curious to see how much it goes up because it looks practically new, and it's made in '94 (I believe).

    The old blue epi is my absolutely favorite, it pops and goes with whatever you wear, it's great for the summer.

    N.B. Swanky, I just got out of bed and didn't log on last night after posting. You are such a good police/mod though.