a good bang at last....

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  1. YAY, assuming y'all just got the email...special items each day and then special discounts...seems like a good bang after all!
  2. OMG LOL. I got no email, but your post cracked me up. A LOT.
  3. You should be getting banged via email any moment. :blush:
  4. woot woot!
    the BANG starts NOW.....every hour, a new item for a BANG UP price.....limited quantity of 5!!! First come, first serve.....here we go!
    OMG......it said between now and the end of sale, which is Sunday....so, does that mean every single hour???? gotta go back and read the fine print.....
    Here's the fine print.......OMG!!!!

    Limited Quantity Limited Time Only Offer
    Starting at 5PM EST Thursday, and every hour until the end of our sale, 5 pieces of a sale item will be featured at a further reduced price. Limit one per customer. Featured items may not be returned or exchanged for any reason. No price adjustments will be honored. Only 5 items are available at this price, and only the first 5 orders will be honored at this price.

    Check back frequently. You will not find this item at a lower price! We apologize, but we cannot combine shipments
  5. could someone post the link? I havent seen an email yet. Thanks!
  6. It's just the same: haydenharnett.com/bigbangsale
    There's two black Mozambiques left... and the site is slowing quite a bit.
  7. The site is taking forever to load. I am kind of bummed because now I will be spending another beautiful weekend inside due to a sale.
  8. Moving between two threads..torn between two lovers..feeling like a fool..here or there amigas..and the site is taking forever to load..and I am not going to sit here like a monkey..I did it last weekend..I don't need THAT much foreplay LOL.
  9. erol tote on sale?? oh boy....

    HH, please throw us a bone! a delicious, meaty one, please.
  10. Omg erol
  11. OMG, it's the mini EROL! Hurry ladies, hurry! LOL
  12. I just burst into laughter when I clicked on at 5 to see the mini Erol!
  13. don't you ladies dare, that's MY erol!!!

  14. They had to have done that on PURPOSE!!!!!!!!
  15. ROFLMAO on the mini erol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE it!!