A Girls Got To Have A Fuzzy To Complete Her Look!

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  2. What a pretty cat! Shhh don't tell Reggie I said that!
  3. She's very cute! Her face is soo sweet! Is she a Bengal?
  4. She is gorgeous! What breed is she?
  5. Beautiful!!
  6. Wow! She's quite special. I've never seen a cat with those markings? Is she a certain breed?
  7. I've never seen a leopard print kitty before. She's so cute!
  8. she sure is a bengal and she will be having a litter of kittens in a few months or so...

  9. Yes, she is an aluren bengal. From a movie star line...
  10. Lovely cat!
  11. Awwww she is soooo beautiful :heart: What's her personnality like? I hope you'll keep us updated with news of her pregnancy and pictures of the kittens in a few months :nuts:

    Bengals are just sooooo pretty! One of my favourite breeds of cats... never had one though... not yet ;)
  12. pretty!!
  13. beautiful cat !
  14. A movie star line! Imagine! How very cool! And she totally looks like a star herself!:heart:
  15. Wow! Very pretty!