A gift with purchase

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  1. My wonderful SA at the short hills New Jersey shore store sent me a message telling me LV is giving away a leather heart with a purchase. Artisans are coming from California and making leather hearts that can be personalized. Short hills is the only store thats doing it. I don't know what it looks like or any other details. My SA name is marissa L. Send me a message if you would like more info on her. Shes very good nice and knowledgeable. I recommend her if anyone is interested she has many years experience the event will be 5/6. And if you want she can hold it now
  2. That is awesome!

  3. It is! If you're interested in buying anything please ask for her as she was so kind to tell me. I hope im not sounding pushy lol
  4. If im coming across as pushy I apologize im not selling my SA lol but I thought it was very sweet of her to tell me and she deserves the recognition but everyone is able to see who they please
  5. I'm not in that area but appreciate the FYI. Thank you. :smile:
  6. Same. I'm not in the area or in the market for anything right now.

    I hope they do expand this idea to other shops as well.

    Are you getting something, clydekiwi?

  7. Yes. Im getting the key pouch in empriente
  8. Great choice, I want one of those :smile: :smile: Sounds like you have a very nice SA. Please post photos of the leather heart (and your key pouch) when you get them.
  9. I agree with the above post, please post pics of the leather heart when you get it... very curious as to what it looks like.
  10. Ooo so cool! When is this artisan showing up?!
  11. My SA sent me a pic

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  12. Oh wow, So cute! Thanks so much for posting the picture!
  13. That was so sweet to share this info. I wish that was my store- the heart is cute and I'm getting ready to purchase, so a gift would have been appreciated. I don't think u sound pushy at all.
  14. Oh wow, this is so cute! I better ask my SA if they're offering the same thing here.

  15. Thanks for posting. What are you buying