A Gift To Myself For Surviving Cancer

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  1. Let me just start out by saying that 2017 was one heck of a year. I was rushed to the hospital to have life saving surgery, then had to go through chemotherapy. I decided that I needed to get myself a little something for having to learn how to do basic things like walking and breathing on my own again and surviving cancer. I love the aesthetic of the Rockie, but never got one mainly because of the way the sides fold in all the time and it never really maintained it's shape without training. I ordered this one because it looked so different and it looked like it was meant to have a rigid shape. Imagine my blissful glee when it arrived in a large box and was not packed flat! The best way to to describe it is as a minimalist Rockie. The leather is a smooth, fine pebbled leather (it says it's made from European Leather?). There are no pockets on the outside either. It maintains that true duffel shape and the small handles stay upright. The bottom has smaller and fewer studs (40 total) making the bag much lighter. The lining is also beautiful. Instead of the black fabric, it is a black and white woven heavier fabric. The zipper is also extremely smooth, the bag is very easy to get in and out of. The only downside? The longer strap at a 19" drop makes it a little uncomfortable for me to wear cross body. That's okay, it is motivation to get rid of the weight I put on over the past 6 months being forced to sit around my house and only take light walks. IMG_1694.JPG IMG_1697.JPG IMG_1702.JPG
  2. I've always thought this bag to be the perfect combo of fashionable and classic, especially in black. Great choice! Best wishes for your continued recovery! :smile:
  3. Beautiful! you deserve it:smile:
  4. Ok, it is definitely going back. I never even made it out of the house and the clips that hold the strap on came undone twice. The last time the bag fell off and went for a tumble down the stairs. *sigh* oh well.
  5. oh no!
  6. That's terrible! :sad:
  7. sending good wishes for you for 2018 -- wishing you good health and a beautiful bag to celebrate your victories!!!
  8. Sorry to hear it wasn't what you envisaged; congrats and well wishes for your recovery though!!