a gift from my SA!!

  1. omg i got home early from work today and the fedex truck came to drop off something. i looked at it and it said it was from chanel...so i'm thinking hmm i haven't ordered anything! i opened it and...


  2. OMG, you're killing me! What is it????
  3. Whatever it is you have an awesome SA! :tup:
  4. :popcorn::popcorn:
  5. Come on!!
  6. pretty good sized box!!!! what is it?!?!?!
  7. come on... tell us...
  8. lol I bought so much from Chanel and I haven't gotten any free gifts yet. :sad:

    Hurry and post pics!
  9. Perfume and body lotion?

    I received one similar to this and she put two different body lotions and perfume in mine.

    Nice gesture for sure.
  10. Wow, gift from Chanel!
    Please open it...:woohoo:
  11. I hate my SA.....never gives me anything.....just kidding!!!open it already....show us!!!!:heart:H
  12. Looks like a big box...:popcorn:
  13. I agree! Congrats on a very good SA and your gift!
  14. Ooooh lucky girl!
  15. ooooh, i like the contrasting box :smile: whatever's inside must be nicer! lol~