A gift from my fiance' :)

  1. Hi everyone. I'm new here - I've been lerking so I figured I'd say hello! My 21st birthday is coming up in 2 weeks, and my fiance' took me to Dillards this past Saturday and let me pick out a Coach bag! I ended up choosing the Chelsea large hobo in optical signature. It's absolutely striking in person. This is my 2nd Coach bag, I actually have a patchwork hobo from a couple years ago. I am hoping to become a collector :yes: My fiance' doesnt understand my purse obsession AT ALL (just as I don't understand his obsession with video games), but I'm sooo glad he actually went through with getting me this bag! Weee!! :woohoo:
  2. Prettyy!!!
    I saw couple of those at Neiman's for a markdown to like 30% Off! @_@
    But they we're gone fast. xD
  3. Welcome!!!

    I have the same bag but in the khaki. and I love it!!! Isn't it so easy to get in and out of?? And it hold everything..

    Don't be a stranger..... I'm sure you'll get addicted to this site very soon!!! lol
  4. congrats and happy birthday! :tup: I have a large chelsea signature hobo and that bag is GREAT!!! :yes:
  5. congrats and happy birthday.. your purse is very beautiful!!!
    and welcome to TPF :heart:
  6. Welcome and what a great buy! Nice future DH! :smile: He's learning the ropes LOL
  7. Hi and welcome to the PF! Your bag is beautiful and one that Im actually contemplating right now:yes: Enjoy your bag and the PF, its great here!!:yahoo:
  8. hahaha! Thats for sure!
  9. Great bag and welcome!!
  10. lovely splashes of gold!

    yeah my bf doesnt undestand why i spend over 20$ on a purse! i just tell him i save by eating at home instead of take out!
  11. Welcome! Great bag.

    I love the way it closes...it's all slouchy and the turnlock is too cute.
  12. I'm an all leather girl & I even contemplated this bag--I adore the style, but think this particular bag looks better in signature than leather. What a great bag--welcome to the "club". Right now, I'm lusting after a couple of vintage coach pieces--it's an addiction for sure!

  13. Hello! Welcome!!!! That is a gorgeous bag! I love it! Congrats!! What a sweet fiancee you have!:girlsigh:
  14. Haha! You are like me! My hubby doesn't understand my obsession either, and he too has a video game obsession I don't get. We have fun teasing eachother about it...lol!

    And I can promise you, this bag will not be your last Coach bag! Again, I love your bag!
  15. nice hubby to be!! love the chelsea collection!