A gift from final exams...

  1. I'm sure many of you can relate...
    While studying for final exams, I find myself sitting in front of my computer a LOT. I guess I may have spent a little too much time studying for exams because after taking inventory, I am the proud owner of:

    -Rebecca Minkoff MAM
    -LV Speedy
    -LV Alma
    -Balenciaga twiggy

    And am currently debating whether or not to get the Botkier Sasha duffle!
    (not to mention the shoes, coats, etc. that i've also purchased.)

    My poor credit card can't handle the stress of final exams time! (And I'm sure my grades aren't doing too well, either... haha!)

    I was going to post pictures, but I told myself that taking the modelling pics would detract from studying too much (as if eBay, eluxury and tPF doesn't!)

    Anyone else have this same problem?
  2. Yes! I have the exact same problem. Studying for exams is soooo boring and I basically have to study in front of a computer. I find myself looking at websites online and picking out things to buy...what I try to do is put stuff on my "wish list" and then come back to it in a few days and decide. BUT in the past few weeks I have bought a TON of bags. My rationale is that I can always sell them on eBay later...but somehow, it never seems to work out quite like that!
  3. :p I teach an online class and get distracted ALL the time! I should be online grading exams and assignments, and instead I'm on tPF and doing online shopping.

    Yes, this has been a very expensive "online" semester :nuts:
  4. I do that all too often. I just spent more money, another 410 on a dark gray RM MA. Not to mention I have 2 bags still on the way besides the RM. And I already have a RM mini ma. I have an exam tomorrow and here I am! I really don't want to add up the money I've spent lately :sad: I really got to remind myself of my bagban!
  5. Me too!! I have my last exam for the semester on Friday and online shopping is keeping me sane until then!

    My purchases:
    Kooba in Pewter
    MAM in black/pewter
    Burberry scarf
    Tori Burch flats

    All bought this last week :shame:
  6. In all honesty, I've been spying a plum corinna on eBay :sad: lol It's hard to resist when I think of, what if it's not on ebay again. Now I got to get to work! :smile:
  7. hahaha! I as well- I have purchased a marc by marc heidi and a bulga large butterfly while "studying" for exams!!!
  8. Oh just did the exact same thing this week. Good thing I was done with exams last Friday. WHOWEE! More time to la-di-da and look at bags and relax
  9. i'm "studying" right now!
  10. lol.. that's funny! I joined this forum at the end of November... which was crazy because finals week was coming up. After i read all the threads about the LP sample sale, HH ss, BE sample sale... i thought i was going nuts because i had to STUDY and yet all i could think of were about handbags. I made it justifiable for myself that i could purchase things since i did study hard this semester.... so i ended up buying 3 LP bags and 1 BE bag all in 1 week. Last semester i did the same thing but with jeans.. i bought 4 pairs of ksubi after i was done with finals. :upsidedown:
  11. Yea I have this problem...lol...I can't stop shopping...
  12. hahaha this happened to me too!! I bought a HH nico in chocolate, Marc by Marc Jacobs Heidi in beige, Kooba Brynne in Oak, two Anna Corinna city totes one in platinum and one in gunmetal, Michael Kors astor in cherry, AND a Gustto parina in black!! All while I was "studying" for finals...its exhausting =)
  13. Haha I'm so glad I'm not the only one!

    The only problem is... when writing my law final, one of the questions was based on material I was studying while bidding on my twiggy. I may or may not have zoned out for about five minutes thinking about my soft, smooth bbag...
  14. Oh. My. GOSH!

    I'm soooo glad I'm not the only one too! For some reason, exams always bring out a craving for ordering/planning/dreaming about bags, especially late at night! :wlae:
  15. Wow! I didn't realize what a common "problem" this was. I also purchased a speedy this week. Now I'm sitting on tPF when I have a paper due and start my last final in an hour.

    ok, I really need to sign off now:rolleyes::shame::push: