A gift for my sister

  1. Hi!

    I'm an Italian boy and I need a suggestion. :smile:

    My sister will be 26 next month and I'd like to give her as a gift a LV. She has some handbags (mainly Balenciaga, Burberry and a Chanel) but not a LV. So, could you help me and suggest the name of a LV for her? Not the Speedy, because here in Italy Speedy is very spread and don't care to the budget.

    I can describe her: she is often well-dressed but she also do much sport and she goes to the gym every day, she's tall and dark-haired.

    What's the best LV for her? Thanks to everyone and sorry for my english!
  2. Does she have a preference? Just asking for suggestions is really hard for us to give you ideas...

    Do you want to give her something in Monogram Canvas, Damier, Epi...?
  3. if she is the sport kind but also dresses nice often I would dare to say the pochette marelle she can carry it in her waist and across the body look great and not too serious
  4. depends on ur budget and also she like hand held or shoulder bag? Speedy 30, or Pochette will be ur safe bet, Cles and Agendas are useful and in more reasonable range.
    Oh and WELCOME to TPF!!!
  5. She has no preference because she has never bought a LV, she has only Balenciaga, Burberry and Chanel.

    I know it's difficult for you giving me ideas.. but I wouldn't buy her a bag that won't be used or that won't be appreciate by her, so I'm confused.

    I like Damier, but I think she prefers Monogram Canvas. I've seen the Popincourt Haut and the Manhattan but I'm not sure..
  6. manhattan is a lot more expensive than speedy
  7. If she is sporty, what about the Messenger PM Bosphore? Maybe the GM if you don't mind it being a little more.

  8. She prefers shoulder bags.. thanks for the welcome to TPF! :smile:
  9. But do you prefer Manhattan or Speedy?
  10. It's an idea.. I could buy her an handbag or the messenger.. good idea!
  11. Here are my suggestions:

    Monogram Canvas: Cabas Mezzo
    Damier: Saleya GM
    Monogram Multicolore: Aurelia MM
    Epi: Soufflot
  12. manhattan is a lot more elegant A LOT MORE
    what about pochette recital??
  13. Nice suggestions. :flowers:
  14. Thanks everybody. I've decided for the Cabas Mezzo!