A gift for my niece

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  1. [​IMG]
    A friend of mine had purchased this backpack from elux and felt it was too small for her. As she used it she could not return it (This pic is off elux). My niece's birthday is coming up and I thought it would make a sweet gift for her...so this morning I sent my friend $$ and asked her to giftwrap and send the bag to my niece. I think it would adorable on her. I saw a girl about her age carrying one in a picture once and it looked soo cute.

    She's my favourite niece!
  2. What a wonderful present.
  3. I love it! How old is your niece?
  4. this is a great idea, she will love it
  5. I love the denim line LOVE IT
  6. How sweet! She is going to love it!
  7. Cool auntie, your niece is going to remember and love your for a long time.
  8. so cute! she is so adorable!!
  9. that is too cute!
  10. Hope she loves it! What a sweet aunt you are.
  11. Sooooo Cute!!!!!!
  12. wow, that is gorgeaus!..
    You are a very generous aunt!
  13. How adorable!! :smile: