A Gift for Mom... Which to Choose From???

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  1. hi guys, my mom's big 60th birthday will be in 3 months, and i'm looking to get her a classic Chanel bag. we went to the store and she tried on some classic flaps and 2.55s, but she does not like how the chains hang over her shoulders and how they do not fit alot of things (she takes alot with her!). so i'm in the market for a top handle classic flap... i have two pictures here, which one do you guys think is more appropriate?

    the first one is a sorta vintage classic piece with gold hardware, there is bigger space for all her amenities. the second one is a classic flap but with a handle, i feel this one is more suited for dinners and events. please help me!


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  3. thank you grace, i was looking under the reference library section and there are so many type of chanel bags. is there a category that this type of bag falls under?
  4. Oh the first one is STUNNING! I would definitely go for option 1
  5. They're both pretty! I think this style is generally referred to as "kelly" though that's just here on TPF. HTH!
  6. I'd go with the first. She needs a bag large enough to hold all her stuff, otherwise she may not use it often.
  7. Love the first one!
  8. i like the second one better!
  9. I love the second but since she carries a lot go for the first one!
  10. The 1st one its lovely :tender:
  11. Love the first one....
  12. i love the second one, but if she carries alot then the first one would be better.
    How much is the second one?
  13. I love the first one !!
  14. Basing from what you said, I think your Mom will like the first one better since it can hold a lot. btw, you're such a sweet daughter thinking abt. your Mom -The Chanel way LoL..well I think all mothers deserve that if not more..goodluck!