A gift for me, need help~~~

  1. Well, an anniversary gift is coming, which one should I pick? I want to get a multicolor one (white), either speedy 30 or noe. But I need your guys help.:idea:
    I am not very tall, about 5.2 and normally I use "shoulder purse" a lot (like piano, BH those styles). But I use speedy too. Now I don't know which one I should get.

    PS: last week, when I check speedy 30 on Elux, It was $1910, and now it is $2000, and they don't have white.
  2. Get the petite noe! It looks fabulous in white MC!!

  3. ^^ I second this! :yes:
  4. That's my first choice too. :smile: Thanks!

  5. All the MCs went up in price, unfortunately, both the noe and the speedy. I like the MC speedy myself...
  6. one vote for speedy 30, yeah~~~~

  7. can't go wrong with either- sorry i'm not very helpful. haha.
  8. oh no, your words translated to " you should buy both..." haha, you can read my mind! :graucho:

  9. I'd go with the Noe in MC, it's both a shoulder bag AND MC which is what you want.
  10. If I had to choose between the MC Speedy and MC Noe ..... I'd definitely get the MC SPEEDY. :tup:
  11. I vote for the White MC Speedy
  12. MC speedy!!
  13. The MC noe is bleepin' cute!
  14. I love them both!!!! I have the mc white speedy, and I love it (though it is a tad heavy). I keep eyeing the mc white noe, it is so cute!!!! I dunno, I think I vote for the noe - it is a shoulder bag, and the speedy is so heavy (I hardly use mine).
  15. Tough call- I have a MC petite noe in black and it's a great bag, super comfy and roomy. But, the MC speedy is on my wishlist.