A gift for Casey????

  1. Casey has been so helpful and kind to all of us :nuts: tokidoki fans. Picking out our perfect prints for us :yes: I was thinking that maybe we could each pitch in a couple of dollars and buy her something. I have no idea what to get her but first I just wanted to see if anyone else was interested???:smile:
  2. I'd love to pitch in! If only all sales people were like her!
  3. yeah count me in...........I think I have been driving her nuts lately with all my phone calls/email questions. :yes:

    someone should google what kind of restaurants are in the Chesterfield, MO area and maybe we can get a GC to there or send her flowers at work. That would be nice!!
  4. Flowers would be sweet :smile: I'm happy people are so willing to participate :yahoo: I can do some investigating and try and find out about what she likes.
  5. ok I looked in Chesterfield specifically and there's Macaroni Grill, TGI Fridays and Starbucks are the big ones I know of. But I'm sure there's alot more in St. Louis since it's a huge town.....maybe they have a Cheesecake Factory, everyone loves that restaurant! I have all those near me and could pick up a GC and mail it to her.
  6. i think that's a good idea! casey was super helpful when I ordered my adios star zucca from there - she read all the characters and there were a LOT of them!!

    and let's not forget about Lindsay at the SH outlet... we should send her something too! she's the best! (but nothing for shawna!!!! :p and wouldn't that just piss "our fav SA" off even more if instead of just calling all the time for lindsey, we sent her something too?? hahaha!)
  7. ok there is a Cheesecake Factory in Chesterfield at the mall!! GC's for there can be purchased on the website and shipped whereever. So that's an idea.
  8. haha i was gonna do that myself too! get a gift for her because she's A+!
  9. count me in!
  10. Yes, count me in as well :smile: I can chip in a few dollars...haha...not to much though k guys? i'm kinda poor.
  11. I'll pitch in a few if I can... lol just tell me where it's going... of all the SAs people deal with I think Casey and Lindsey are the best but Diane (or is it Diana?) is getting up there too recently
  12. Well.. is that really fair? Both times I've ordered from Pulse it has been Wendy who helped me with print placment, not Casey!! And she was awesome too!
  13. Maybe buy the office they're in a cake or something? Something they can eat...and share? idk...
  14. maybe just send the stores flowers or food and put the more specialer people in the note?

    like "we want to thank ____, ______, and the other staff at ________"
  15. That sounds good, Jenn.