A giant reveal! It is limited and spectacular!

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  1. Love LOVE!
    Isn’t it more beautiful in person, I drooled over this bag.
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  2. I promise if you can treat yourself to this beauty you will love it mammabyrdie! BTW, so nice to see you again! Hope all is well.
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  3. Yes! I only saw it through my girlfriend's eyes...I trusted her when she told me to get it and I was beyond thrilled when I unboxed her. Words cannot describe!
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  4. I LOVE this bag too! enjoy yours!
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  5. Oh your puppy in your profile is melting my heart!
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  6. You too friend!
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  7. Love the bag! Enjoy it! :heart::loveeyes:
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  8. she is a beauty!!!
  9. Lucky Girl!!! Beautiful bag!!! I want one. Enjoy it!!!!
  10. @DesigningStyle
    Hi op! Just wondering how you feel about the giant speedy after having it for over a month. Currently debating if I want to pick one up too. I didn't think I liked speedy until I saw it in the giant print (photos only). Thanks!
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  11. So beautiful! Can anyone confirm we can no longer order this bag?
  12. Meh, sure you can find it somewhere!
  13. Me too! Never thought I wanted one until this print, it’s beautiful and I love her. The speedy is big and roomy and I love carrying by top handle and crossbody.
  14. It's not up on the website, but if you have an SA or call client services they are available to order.
  15. I purchased on 8/13. Walked into the LV Dallas/Galleria and was told one had arrived that day. Beautiful bag! The SA told me that this giant monogram will soon become a part of their regular line. No additional details were provided.
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