A giant reveal! It is limited and spectacular!

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  1. Ready for a reveal?!

    So on Thursday, I got a message from a girlfriend (you know who you are---thank you a million times over!) that this bag was being held for me 2700 miles away! Mind you, I had already resigned myself to that fact that I dragged my feet and missed out so you can imagine my excitement!

    A phone call later and this special piece was being over-nighted to be delivered in 18 hours!
  2. Can’t wait to see what it is!
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  3. a.jpg
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  4. Ahhhh!

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  5. Here!
  6. Get outta' that big brown box!
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  7. Unribboning! Is that even a word?!
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  8. Seriously nothing like opening a new LV box!
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  9. Reverse giant speedy bandouliere is my guess.
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  10. Any guesses?
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  11. JadaStormy may be onto something!
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  12. Heart is beating a little faster!
  13. Oh my! Come to mama!
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  14. Prettier than I could ever imagine!
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  15. Absolutely Gorgeous!
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