A gazzillion Qs about H, and WILL add more in the future!

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  1. hi ladies!

    I just need help with ordering H specifically birkin, but kelly is fine with me if I see a colour/size&leather that melt my heart. But I would rather buy birkin if the kelly is not on the shelf. cuz I'm such an H newbie and I've been around the forum and browse many threads before and post some, I just need to ask a few detailed questions.

    First, I dont have anything whatsoeveg in H brand, and I am dying to get a birkin (though still working to colelct the $) and I'm just wondering what do you actually do before you order? I've read some say the phone everyday or they walk-in to the store build a relationship.

    Second, since Im sucha dummy newbie, and since LV prada and all those brands are so easy to get, I really am don't know what to say/ do to please the SA!!

    Third, Some say if a man deals with the SA, it will be easier to get an order. If my boyfriend calls an SA beforehand to talk about the availabiity of birkins or kellys, and when we go to the store and I'm the one who is active in talking about H,,,will change the view of the SA?

    Four, If I buy other H goodies such as belt or bracelet from the store where I am, will my chances/percentage to have my order on the podium higher????
    which is better, walk in wearing H belt/ bracelet, OR buy the stuff from the store?

    Five, Which state and store in the states that will more likely for me to order a birkin? or which stores apart from wall st have/most often have birkin on shelf?

    Six, Is it better if I call the H store first and ask they have in bags availabilty at the moment and what time do they receive their bags shipment everyday?

    Sorry for the gazillion Qs, I really appreciate on your feedback and advice!
    btw, you dont have to answer the whole thing at once, you can answer one question at a time. TsomuchIA
  2. and to be specifi on the birkin,

    My first choice is the birkin that Kimora's holding on the photo below (photo taken from stars & H thread) if anyone knows for sure what colour and leather (most important colour) the birkin is, please please please do tell me I am in love/lust with it!! and I want this bag in 35


    my second choice (if the choice below is not possible/still unknown) is this orange colour in togo 35


    and my third choice if both 1st and 2nd choice are not possible, is black togo in 35

  3. Do you feel comfortable telling us what country you are in? The reason I ask is that I imagine that the answers to your questions will vary depending on where you are located.
  4. Love the title of your thread jjgunawan.
    Always so many H questions.:p
    Sorry but I am also quite new to H, so I cant help, but I am sure you will get some answers on this forum.
  5. a few adds,
    before my orange choice, I like 35 gold in togo
    and do you have any suggestions on what month should I order my birkin before they send their podium? TIA
  6. hi kallie n raz

    kKllie, I live in Indonesia/Australia but I have my sister who is in Boston (but I dont think she'd be happy that I purchased a thousand dollars bag at my age though she is lusting on a kelly potiron and she would be so annoyed if I have to tell her to pick up my bag) so, my sister is out of the list.
    And sooo, I have my BF!! who is going to US and which probably will be in Calif but he still doesnt change. and he will be my VICTIM n search of my H birkin!!
    but Kallie, I'll be purchasing my bag from the states.

    and Raz, i knoow, as you can see, I just added a question! hahah

  7. JJ,

    got your pm. i am going to have to caution you from pm-ing a bunch of people and asking them how to podium, etc.

    you really have to be a client of a boutique to have this happen. you can't just walk in and order it at a time. it has to be offered to you and they do this for customers that shop at the boutique and buy things and have relationships with the boutique.
  8. GG, thanks for the caution & the info :biggrin:
    that's why I'm opening my own gazzillion Qs thread for people who are willing to help.
  9. I'm pretty sure that you can find almost all, if not all, answers to your Qs, in the older threads. Just take the time to browse the old threads and learn from them.
  10. I second what Hermes Birkin just wrote ... there is a lot of useful info (and solutions) posted by people who were in your shoes and you will find all your questions and more answered, I would think.
  11. thanks hermes & mistikat!!

    Yes, I've been browsing old posts and now Im on page 80++
    I have found information about ordering H yet still need more details.
    I think I need buy a dummy guide to hermes book. :biggrin:
  12. hi jj!!
    just wanted to say... LOVE your choices of H bags! I think we have the same taste! and sorry since Im a newbie here, I cant answer any of your Qs.
    Have you found out about the colour of Kimora L S' toting?
    Thank you!
  13. Can you go to Paris? or Tokyo?
  14. perio, I can, but only holidays because Im still a student.
    So the states is a better option for me to get a H bag for me.
    But Even if I do go to Tokyo or Paris, i doubt they'll have my color on the shelf and I can't order it.
  15. honetly Dont bother, its so hard to get SO (especially from the Australian stores) your much better getting a 2nd hand one from somewhere else thats at your speciffics even if there is a premium. (and there will be for what looks like gold Barenia/box not 100%) maybe go on a holiday to japan, check out the H stores and resellers (as they are abundant there) and you may be lucky. Good luck!