A Gaunt Courtney Love Jokes About Eating Disorder

  1. By Natasha Mehta For People Mag
    Playing a free concert in New York City Thursday, Courtney Love looked shockingly thin – and even cracked a joke about her gaunt appearance.

    Pausing between songs, she took a swig from a protein shake, then apologized to the crowd, saying that she "had to take care of my eating disorder."

    She then quickly said she was joking and added, "I don't have an eating disorder."

    But her weight loss has been sudden: She has said she recently lost 52 pounds thanks to a diet of Isopure shakes, fish and vegetables.

    She has also said she's been trying to quit smoking, but she puffed on several cigarettes throughout her performance at the Maritime Hotel's Hiro Ballroom.

    Love played for a little more than an hour, breaking once for a wardrobe change – into underwear and a Marc Jacobs bustier, which she referred to as her "onesy" outfit.

    The singer and her band members, who she said were young enough to be her children (Love recently celebrated her 43rd birthday), did not take the stage until midnight, despite the scheduled 10:30 start time.

  2. We should email those 3 people who attended her concert to see how they liked it.
  3. I'm not a fan at all but I really hope she can get rid of her demons - for her child's sake if nothing else.
  4. It's a little late for her to get rid of her demons "for her child's sake." Well, I guess it's never too late...but there's probably a lot of damage already done.
  5. :yes:yup, pretty much.
  6. Yuck.
  7. Oh boy. She's a trainwreck if I ever saw one. I kinda feel bad for her.
  8. Poor girl
  9. lmao!
  10. She was the most hated woman in Seattle. You would not believe the stuff she used to do when she lived here.
  11. Wow, she looks like death warmed over.
  12. well, do we have her, her daughters and her agents email address ;):p

  13. She is what my mum would call, a Skanky mare lol :biggrin:
  14. She's a big mess.
  15. ITA, I feel so sorry for Francis Bean, one parent died of suicide and all she has left is Courtney, yikes! I hope she can pull it together for her daughter.