A game of eye spy. Today I was grocery shopping and saw...

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  1. and saw an immaculately dressed woman wearing a beautiful black shearling coat, carrying a large red Chanel bag! She seemed to be in her 70's and very well coiffed and wearing such a beautiful bag! I couldn't help but smile at her.

    Then there was a young woman in a black wool coat wearing a large black Givenchy tote. So much fun!! :biggrin:
  2. i saw a petit woman in her late 30's carrying a pink ostrich birkin in holts
  3. Pretty funny but it seems I can name almost all the designer bags I see out in public thank to the PF. Scary huh...
  4. Cute thread! I will keep my eyes peeled!!!
  5. Saw a handful of Coach Poppy's today!
  6. A few days ago I was at a salon and saw a gorgeous Balenciaga Violet GSH Midday (I think that was the style). I couldn't tell you what the owner looked like, I was too busy staring at the Bbag and in shock that I saw a Balenciaga here!

    Fun thread!
  7. I was walking into the grocery store and say a couple of women, one with an LV Bloomsbury (I noticed because I want one) and the other with a Neverfull.

    It's not common in my city, so it stands out more.
  8. Bag spotting is one of my *favorite* pastimes! :coolio:
  9. Yes, bag spotting is fun - I was in FYE and spotted a LV NF:drool:
    Another time in Nordstroms saw someone with what looked like a MJ Stam - I love that bag!
  10. Today I saw a Coach bleeker in Kingsoopers.
  11. Walking out of my Pilates studio yesterday - Treesje Marley in one of the colors I don't have!
  12. This afternoon I was sitting in my favorite coffee shop next to a gorgeous South Asian woman who had a beautiful chocolate brown Gucci hobo on the seat next to her. :smile:
  13. In de the department store where I work I don't see a lot of designer bags, but sometimes, when I my eye catches a Chanel, a large MJ stam bag of a LV neverfull I know it's one of my favorite customers. She's a woman in her early thirties and I'm beyond jealous. I loveeee her bags!
  14. I don't know if TV counts, but I was watching a TV show last night (reality) and I was blinded by the fakes-ugh
  15. great have fun.