A game for those who are as boread as I am

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  1. http://www.i-am-bored.com/bored_link.cfm?link_id=5140&link_name=Toss+the+Coffin+Game&my_url=http://www.vox.de/flash/game.html

    The point of this game is to get your car to go as fast as possible and then slam on the brakes before you hit the wall to make the coffin fly as far as possible. The first couple times are tricky but it's hilarious.

    I had to find this out the hard way because the instructions are in German and I don't speak a lick of it. The way to play, for those who don't speak German, is to hit the #6 (on the number pad) and the right arrow key at the same time as fast as you can (use your middle finger for the 6 and your thumb for the right arrow), to gain speed. Use the space bar to slam on the brakes.
  2. it doesn't say anything about pressing the #6 :smile:
    my flew 408 meters, and yours?
  3. I got 492 m woo hoo. Throw that casket.
  4. What do the instructions actually say???
  5. Kick butt! 675 m
  6. Tooo funny...didnt get very far :sad:

  7. It doesn't, but if you hit the 6, it makes it go faster than if you hit the arrow key by itself.
  8. I love this game!! It took me a couple trys, to get the casket launched instead of smashing into the wall, but I got 700m+, I already forgot the exact #. I enjoy smashing into the wall and watching the guy fly through the windshield too.
  9. 764.74m but now I have blisters on my fingers!
  10. Haha. I keep worrying about the sound that my keyboard makes. i wonder what my coworkers think??

  11. really? it doesn't make me go faster at all! :sad:
    i suck at this!
  12. :lol: That's why I'm afraid to play.
  13. 767.01! 791.94!

    and drumroll...960.23. sweet! lol, this game is way too amusing
  14. my co-workers and my boss heard me doing it, now they're all doing it :lol:
  15. ohh if you like that one... try this:


    Same concept except you throw a mime as far as possible... No idea why it's so addicting.