a future handbag, what a stunning skin

  1. While I was in a meeting with my python guy (sorry, I am a luxury handbag designer in Paris, perhaps should mention that so this makes sense:rolleyes: I found this stunning skin, of which only one was ever tanned and colored this way, or in a very limited edition. Either way, It was made for an exhibition. It is a rusty brown color with a copper foil lacy motif on the top. It gives a bit of an embossed feel. It is in a buttery soft lamb skin. Wow. He was good enough to allow me to purchase it! It is going to become a clutch, because it is a very small skin. I am having trouble posting photos though, for some very odd reason.:sad: I am going to keep trying! :blink:
  2. It worked! I don't think you are going to be able to see the full effect of the skin, I tried taking a photo, but, it just doesn't do it justice! I am so excited! I am already working on the pattern, I am going to take it to the greatest leather guy in the world (and that is really probably true) he makes first prototypes for, well, everyone in Paris (Givenchy, Vuitton, me:huh: ) wow, I am hyper lucky to work with this guy! Honestly, to be in the company of these people makes me wake up with excited butterflies in my stomach every morning! I can't wait. I will make this bag and bring it to the NY Purse forum meet up:yes: yah, I could do that. What do you think?
  3. A clutch would be nice w/ some kind of buckle detail. OR maybe a belt bag.... that would be very interesting.
  4. thank you for your suggestions!:yes: Those are great ideas!
    Yep, it is going to be a clutch. I have it all designed now, and I just have to take it to THE man. this scan really doesn't do it justice.:flowers:
  5. It screams clutch to me with the embossing. Will we get to see it when its done?
  6. :yes: YES! You will! But of course:yes: It will be my pleasure!

    :heart: :heart::heart:
  7. Oh that is going to be lovely. Hmmm, maybe you can make something to go with it, with an undermaterial in a matching brown/copper tone, perhaps silk or satin, and with black lace on top, like a skirt or somthing.
  8. yes, all good bags deserve an outfit to match. :yes:
  9. Gorgeous material! Be sure to post pics of the clutch when it's done! :smile:
  10. A clutch! Jennifer, you should use as little of this skin to produce as many bags as possible so that more women can enjoy it! It's a beauty!!!
  11. It is so small, there is only enough for one clutch! and, you can't see it here, but there is SUCH a beautiful overall pattern! I need to work with the print in order to preserve and respect the designer who did this beautiful metalic foiling. I am so excited to have it. It is so rare, and this picture really doesn't give you the full effect. I know there will be "bits" left over. I just want to do it justice. It is amazing! I will try, my hardest to take a photo of the whole skin, which is not so very big!:yes: what fun!
  12. will do.

    Thank you for all of your support and wonderful ideas, everyone, it means so much to me:love: :flowers: