A funny thing happened after the fed-ex man came. . .

  1. I received a gently used maroon venetia today that I purchased last week on eBay...I was checking it over to make sure it was authentic and such, and I opened one of the exterior pockets and guess what I found?? A wad of cash! $97.00 to be exact! I couldn't believe it! I thought wow, this must be my lucky day, lol! Of course I emailed the seller to tell them and will send the money back...I just thought that was so strange!
  2. Wow, that's a pretty funny story... and really nice of you to offer to send the $$ back. If it were me, I'd prolly be like "I found $50 in cash in the bag you sent me...":whistle: (jk!)
    Hope you enjoy your new venetia!
  3. ^^LOL! I would have said, "I found $7 in the purse..." :graucho:

    Cute story!
  4. Too funny. It is amazing that people do not check over their things before sending them off.
  5. I know!!!
  6. Wow! What a crazy story!
  7. Wow!! THat's so funny! I don't know what I'd do in that situation. I'd like to think I'd let them know too. I am sure you will be paid back via karma for your honesty.
  8. that's ridiculous. i don't know what i would done.. maybe said nothing, haha! i might have felt guilty though :smile:
  9. :graucho::tup::yes:
  10. LOL!! Good for you!:tup:
  11. Good for u for being so honest!! I'd have sent the $$ back as well or else I'd be riddled with guilt.
  12. Hilarious! You are such a great buyer!
  13. Kudos to you! I know I would feel guilty keeping that money.
  14. It is amazing and what you did is really great. If they are selling the bag, that may mean they needed the money. It will come back to you but double. :yes:
  15. It just shows what exceptional ladies (and men) we have on this forum!! :tup: