a funny story ~

  1. Guess what my friend bought from her overseas trip ? Gucci, LV, Dior ??? NOPE....she bought a VERY UGLY FAKE CHANEL BAG !!! :sick:
    it was so ugly that when my husband saw it, he started laughing at her.....( i thought that was a bit rude:Push: ) and told her that we don't want to be seen with her if she carry that bag with her when we go out...becoz its a DISGRACE hehehehhe.........the funny thing is , that fake bag's shoulder strap broke within a week, and our friend was feeling quite bad about this whole fake thing and at the end she asked us to go to LV store with her, she wants to get something nice and REAL ....so we took her to the LV store in Auckland Queen St, and she bought a blue Epi Papplion and a Mahatten GM hehehhe......i still can't understand how on earth she managed to buy a fake when she has money to buy the real thing !! hehehehhe.......:angel:
  2. obviously she cannot tell real from fake but i guess she felt it was a good deal, i mean if i were really desperate i could buy a hac birkin (which i really love the look of) with the money i have but i find LV overpriced already let alone hermes! she could have thought it was a good deal and the seller could have been really purse-uasive (excuse the pun)
  3. That is a funny story. At least it didnt take her long to learn. Every time I walk into the shoemaker to have my heels done, I see a bunch of fake bags of all styles (even Hermes birkin fakes) hanging on a hook waiting to have their straps fixed or buckles, etc. How embarassing it must have been when that broke.