A funny story!

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  1. celebrated my 25th bday last week and met up with some friends. despite having other bags, 4 of us used the damier speedy! it was hilarious. :p

    here's a pic:

  2. You all look fabulous! Happy belated birthday!
  3. aww, that is sooo cute!!! happy belated b-day! :yahoo:
  4. Happy Birthday ! you all look amazing
  5. awww all of you look so cute!
  6. Happy Birthday!
    That is a great picture; thanks for sharing!
  7. Happy B-Day!! Cute pic!!! You all look so pretty!!! You formed your own Damier Speedy club!!! Love it!!!
  8. awww...happy belated b-day and y'all look fabulous!!!!
  9. Happy birthday!

    I love that picture, it's so hilarious you all brought your Damier Speedy :p
  10. Hee Hee!! And happy belated birthday!
  11. So cute!! Happy Birthday!!
  12. That is the cutest picture...brought a smile right to my face......all of you
    look so adorable. I am sure you had a great time!!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!
  13. That is such a great picture!
  14. lol, funny and cute! happy birthday!
  15. Such a great pic!!! :tup: