A funny quote on Hermès

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  1. Loic Prigent is a french director and TV producer, specialized in fashion.
    He made this documentary on Marc Jacobs for example.
    His Tweets, in french, are often hilarious.
    I've spotted this one on our beloved brand:

    "The truly rich are those who manage to throw away Hermès packaging boxes . Try it, you'll see."

    As for me, I can't.


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  2. LOL! But I've done it, and I am NOT rich--what I am is chronically short on space. Sometimes, something's got to go, and my DH flatly refused to move out so I could fit in one more orange box, darn it.
  3. I can't even throw away the bags....
  4. one time I was cleaning out closets and too many orange bags - so put them for recycle on trash day --1 hr after I put them out, THEY WERE GONE ! rest of the recycle things/ trash still there... someone / one of my neighbors took them.. til this day, I still don't know which one took them... LOL
  5. I have done it but under my duress....and stress! I try to give them away and there are ALWAYS takers! Funny��

  7. I have just learned to throw away the bags - but only in order to free up more space for more orange boxes!
  8. clearly i am not one of those they call truly rich
    i did have all my h boxes shipped to my new location :happydance:
  9. And I keep all the ribbons too... :blush:
  10. I don't take the box at all when I buy a bag, I have no space for them! Also, I always ask for a plain white bag instead of the orange one......I like to be anonymous!
  11. I hoard the boxes. I must be impoverished. :P
  12. I keep the boxes and the bags too. I have an entire corner of my closet dedicated to H paper bags!
  13. Me too.
  14. I use them to store stuff like winter gloves, hats,,etc.
  15. Loic is certainly a funny guy. :giggles: I love, love, LOVE Loic's documentaries. The editing is just amazing. His personality shows in his work and everyone seems very comfortable with his lighthearted style of filming.

    My personal favourite was his Signé Chanel series behind the scenes at the house. I put it on when I need some inspiration. There was an episode where they followed the old lady who did all of Chanel's braid trims for their Haute Couture since 1947 during Coco's time. It was magical to watch her unravel a bouclé Chanel hand delivered to use for the ribbon. Chanel sent many people to learn her unique method to keep the knowledge alive but apparently no one ever managed to. Sadly, Mme. Pouzieux passed in 2012.